Black Bundle


Bundle containing the black shaker, the logbook and the workout guide.

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1 × Logbook

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25 in stock


Our shakers are carefully designed to ensure they all include a whisk ball which means when having a protein shake everything is mixed nice and properly, you won’t have any clumpy bits in your drink. You can put your water, your protein shakes, any juices, even intra workout drinks such as creatine and glutamine.

Size of shaker: 600 ml

It’s also important for you to log your numbers, your weights, your reps and your sets for you to see whether your progressing week on week and progressive overload is key to getting results when on this journey. A logbook is a vital piece of equipment that is needed and is highly recommended to all of our clients.

The workout guide is a gym-based plan with all reps and sets added. We have 3 leg days and 2 upper body days. By completing this, you’re able to work all body parts in the most efficient way possible.

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