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What are we doing?

BodyByEkam is a female-led brand that supports people not only on their fitness journey but also physically and mentally. BodyByEkam believes and teaches the importance of discipline over motivation. Creating a balanced lifestyle and consistent habits are just a few key steps BodyByEkam coaches its clients on.

Who is Ekam?

Ekam, the director and coach of BBE, has been through the same journey of trying to lose weight whilst going through peaks and troughs in her journey.

With the goal of giving people that extra push to take that next step on their fitness journey, Ekam has helped hundreds of people by changing their lives through building healthy sustainable habits.


Articles about Ekam

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Online coaching

Online coaching is like having a virtual PT who will help guide and support you through your journey. When you sign up to a package you will be working closely with Ekam, who will provide you with a meal plan and exercise plan.
The meal plan is tailor made and is based upon your preferences. (Including vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, as well as any intolerances or allergies)

Meal plans

Meal plans

Workout guides

Workout guides

Weekly check-ins

Weekly check-ins

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